Monoprints in watercolour

I almost didn’t attend the monoprint workshop at our local art Gallery, Sooo glad I made it there.

I bought one of the Sizzix Big Shot fabric cutting machines last month from Nulagh at (nope-I’m not affiliated-just a happy customer). Now, if you know me, I have a tendency to look for other uses for just about anything. Printmaking presses are extremely expensive, so I thought I could use a Sizzix.

Sizzix Big Shot Pro craft cutter machine

AND, I’m happy to tell you that it does work rather well for small editions.
I purchased a couple of extra cutting plates and a heavy felt to raise the printing bed closer to the rollers.
Any watercolour materials(paints, felts, water soluble crayons, and pencil crayons etc) are used to create an image on a piece of plexiglass.
*important* Keep in mind that the plexi plate must be sanded on the top surface and the edges filed down. The sanding is so that the mediums will bite the plate and the filing done so your felt does not cut.

1. Soak a heavy paper in water for 1/2 hr.
2. Draw/paint an image on your sanded surface with any watercolour medium.
3. Dry your image before printing.

4. Pat dry your paper until the shine has disappeared.

5. Layer your work: place your image face up on the print bed, lay down your damp paper on top of the image, cover wet paper with any scrap paper, and then carefully lay down the felt.

6. Roll away. Your press should have some resistance. Roll back.

7. Reveal your print!

revealing the print

Here are my first attempts. Do you see the potential? I’m excited to really try and work on my imagery. And skills…but this was fun! See home for more pics…Apr ’11

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