making soap

For my friend, Charmalee…I’ve posted a “how to” make soap. I will be adding a PowerPoint that can be downloaded as soon as I take more photos.


Have your supplies all ready

Have your supplies all ready

•a large metal stock pot
• electric 8 cup blender
•2 large measuring cups
•digital weight scale up to 3 lbs.
•candy thermometer
•rubber spatula
•towel & wash cloth
•any heavy flexible plastic mold: yogurt containers, gladware, soap molds…


Goats for milk

Goats for milk

6 oz Olive oil
6 oz Palm oil
6 oz Coconut oil
3.5 oz Water
2.5 oz Lye
3.5 oz Goat’s milk


Heating oils

Heating oils

Important: Lye burns. ALWAYS use eye goggles and well-fitting clothes. No phone, pets or children.

• Do not get distracted.

1. Have all supplies together and easily accessible.
2. Measure all oils by weight, and add to a very large pot. A double boiler is significantly safer. Heat oils until just melted. Remove from heat. Set aside.
3. Weigh the water and put it in a large wide mouth container.
4. Put on gloves as the lye (even the fumes) can burn your skin,
5. Measure lye carefully. Add the lye very carefully to the water, never in reverse! Stir slowly until lye dissolves. It will get extremely hot. It is ready to use at 110-125 degrees.
6. Cool the oils to approximately 110-125 degrees.
7. Pour the melted oils into the blender pitcher.
8. Put the lid on the blender pitcher, and turn blender on low. Slowly pour the lye solution into the melted oils while the blender is on low. Avoid splashes.
9. The soap will “TRACE” fairly quickly. Stop blending when the soap looks like pea soup, but not as thick as pudding.
10. Measure cold, slushy goat’s milk into a large measuring cup.
Add icy goat’s milk to the oil and lye mixture. Blend until JUST pudding consistency.
11. Blend additives, essential oils, herbs etc. for a few seconds.


Select your molds

Select your molds

1. Pour the thick soap mixture, which is hot and caustic, into the molds.
2. To avoid an ashy white coating from developing on the soap, cover the soap’s surface with plastic wrap.


1. Quickly cover the soap with a towel so the heat stays in.
2. Let it sleep overnight.
THEN, you can peek.
3. The soap should be a solid, waxy bar.
*****If it is at all liquidy, something has gone wrong. Do not touch, as it usually uncured lye. To rescue the batch it can be recooked in a crock pot for about an hour. *******


Soap curing on a cookie sheet

Soap curing on a cookie sheet

1. Remove the soap from the mold.
*******If the soap is stuck in a mold, I freeze it for a few hours. Let the soap get to room temperature, and it pops out!**********
2. Put the soaps on a cookie sheet for up to 3 weeks to cure and dry.

  • Oval celtic soap

    Oval celtic soap

    Goat's milk starfish soap

    Goat's milk starfish soap

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