Making cards from travels

Well, I like the photos that we took in Thailand so the next logical, albeit another creative step, was to do something with the images. Yep, got the ol’ trusty paper cutter out, and sliced up 100 sheets of card stock for mounting the photos. I bought 150 card sized envelopes at the local, “Have I got a deal for you,” store, Welk Mart, for $3.00. Eeeek, such a deal.
One evening plus a bit of this morning resulted in 100 fabulous memories that I will now share with my friends.
Oh, and I’m a bit of a paper lover freak, so for the last hour or so I have just stared at this lovely heaping pile of cards, with each note neatly tucked into its complementary envelope. It’s sort of hard to stop making cards, so I guess my OCD is showing again. Oh, well.

Coloured paper envelopes inserted with photo cards

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