Making an easy drop spindle

DSCN2341Well, I’m not sure which comes first…the fact that I’m thrifty or that I like to make things, but the combination always ends up fun, a bit frustrating, and ultimately satisfying. This time I decided to make a spindle to spin my beautiful America Eskimo dog’s down. 232323232fp533nu=335;>749>446>WSNRCG=3237;9;;9;868nu0mrj
Do you remember the old purple roll of cotton batting in your linen closet? I found a bat at the local hospital auxilary spring fair a few months ago. I figured I could use it, but I needed a spindle.DSCN2345
So the hunt was on. I like fumbling about at Salvation Army and Value Village and found some old wooden kids’ trucks with wooden wheels, a few grimy wood parts from an old loom in Campbell River, and an old wooden coffee cup stand with little pegs that screwed into its centre wooden post.

DSCN2350I disassembled them and reassembled them. I glued them and whittled them.
DSCN2354And now…I have a bunch of pretty little spindles. I’m so tickled.DSCN2343DSCN2344
I tried them on a variety of yarns. I don’t have the spinning process down right yet (I am actually very far from getting it right!), but it wasn’t hard to tell that wool was going to be the easiest ( has super long fibres or “staple”), the cotton was moderately difficult, and my dog hair was virtually impossible (super short fibres).
I’m trying to spin a bit of each into a yarn ’cause I’m trying for soft. The wool is very prickly, so I will keep trying to meld different fibres together without the wool.DSCN2346 I’ll let you know how it goes. And as usual, I am excited to do it right.
Youtube has lots of demo videos if you need to learn how to make your spindles work.

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