Easy knitted scarf

I am newish to knitting as you may know. I have finally finished my first project that is not just the regular knit, knit, knit. But the pattern is sooo easy, and I have had oodles of compliments on it. This pretty scarf took me almost one month of evenings to knit. (not because it was hard to do, but rather because it is my second knit project.) It’s made of this amazing, shimmery, soft silk that I purchased on Granville Island in Vancouver, http://www.silkweavingstudio.com/. The stitch is simple: just knit 6 rows alternately knit2 purl2. After 6 rows, switch to purl 2, knit 2. I sooo like it.

Super soft, silk spring scarf

And, yes, there are quite a few errors, lots of tension issues, but who cares? I posted it on my blog, didn’t I …so maybe I’m not a perfectionist after all.
This is an update…I dyed my scarf since I found I was not wearing it as much as I wanted to.

1. Boil some water.
2. Silk scarf washed and damp, ready for dying.
3. Water and dye powder (from my local yarn store)mixed together
4. Dye bath stirred for 10 minutes. Rinse until water turns clear!
5. Dry in the dryer. I love the variations in hues.

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