Comfort Doll

I am in the process of knitting some comfort dolls for a retired nurse’s trek to Nepal.

Comfort doll for Nepal

Once there she will take the dolls to girls that are between 7 and 12 years old that have been rescued from prostitution rings. These girls have been befriended by men that pose as potential clients, and then these men sneak the girls out during the night to a safe house.

Doll for Nepal

The dolls are given to the rescued girls as a source of comfort as they make their transition back to life outside the brothels. Unfortunately, most of these girls are not welcome back home, so they need a new direction and hopefully our dolls will help them through their ordeal. The pattern is here:
There are many charities that will take your dolls.
I am making mine with a dress and brown skin, so as not to trigger traumatic memories to these girls.
They can be made in a couple of evenings!

2 thoughts on “Comfort Doll”

  1. Michel Vesuvi said:

    the link to the pattern is broken. Is there a more suitable link you could post please?

  2. Thanks! I’ve changed the link:)

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