Casting silver

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is teeming with artists and a spin-off from that was a bonus for me. While vacationing there, I took a 6 hour silver-casting workshop with gracious and sweet local glass artist, Carol Anne Anderson, of Hot Flashes Jewelry. The resulting PowerPoint is a product of that wonderful day, as are the fine little silver and pearl pendants that I cast.

The PowerPoint has had quite the trip itself, having disappeared from my computer when that miserable machine totally, utterly, selfishly crashed. After that surprisingly devastating incident, I could not remember the name of my teacher so I began a lengthy search on the internet and finally found a tiny reference on someone’s blog to a PV glass artist. I instantly e-mailed her, and to my utmost delight and appreciation my pictures of that workshop were delivered back to me. To add a twist to the travels of my lost ppt, fellow computer junkie Carol Anne had to dig deeply into her retrieved “stuff” after her computer, too, had its own temper tantrum. An added bonus was that she and I had a chance to reconnect. Needless to say, I now own a separate back-up drive.

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