About my blog

Without much time while working, I am now about to delve into the blog world since retiring in February 2009.  This will likely take the form of ramblings and pictures of what I am “In2” at the current moment in time.  It will incorporate photos, art, tutorials and whatever else seems to come to mind.

9 thoughts on “About my blog”

  1. Very cool Shelley – looks like you’re another one busier in retirment than in working life! Have fun.

  2. Debi Gare said:

    Great Blog-a lot of fun and information.

  3. You gotta try the chocolate recipe!

  4. Wow, this is so interesting Shelley, you certainly wouldn’t be bored in retirement.

  5. Such a delightful blog, Shelley! I love the design, and all the different projects you’re into, very cool!

  6. Thanks, Thea.

  7. Renita woodlands said:

    I’m so inspired sandy Shelley! Can you please do a tutorial on Eco printing? I’m lurking you!!

  8. Sure…. Missing you guys, especially you and your easy ways!! Xo

  9. I posted a starting tutorial for you! Add in2soap@gmail.com to your contacts and we can email!

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