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245A4D10-85E6-48FA-82C5-EC86ED9A50ADAfter texting with the dyer fellow, Graham Keegan, about my colours of indigo becoming greyish and losing the intensity of the blue, he suggested another top up of iron/calx. That seemed to work a bit but what really helped was a little bit of extra iron and some minor addition of oxygen. I think my vat was a bit over-reduced!  Who knew that could happen? (Apparently the people over at Dharma Trading Co knew.)D47F54F8-4537-4058-8724-0502E01E0136
Dani at Maiwa fine-tuned some questions for me and now the iron vat is purring along and producing knock-out blues.  Dani and Sophia are a wealth of dyeing knowledge.  No more synthetic indigo, for me.

I chose the iron indigo vat because it can work cold, and the others need to stay warm.  The iron vat is also good for resist, because the resists c74c3b5db-b1ce-49a2-ac97-fad108f57585.jpegan disintegrate in warm vats.


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