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These eight linen napkins were dyed with that gorgeous blue indigo, over a period of 4 days. Love the set. The process was a super labour intensive Japanese shibori technique called itajame.

( the time investment of the stitched shibori is extreme)
1. I scoured and boiled the linen for two hours in 1/4 cup washing soda dissolved in a massive stainless steel soup pot filled with water.
2. The fabric was then rinsed, dried and ironed, which took about another 2 hours.
3. I cut 8 pieces 24”x24”.
4. The stripes, photo 1,2,5,6, were ironed in an accordion fold and then bound by tongue depressors, using elastics to secure the wood. Photo 10…two were dyed and dipped without resists and therefore resulted in a rich indigo blue.
5. The circle resisted napkin, photo 3,4, was clamped with small, wooden disks sandwiched over an accordion folded napkin. 2 other napkins were folded into a triangle over an accordion fold and clamped between tongue depressors…photos 8,9,10.
6. Each napkin was individually dyed eight times in a warm, pre-reduced crystal indigo, lye and thiox bath.
7. After every one of the eight, 3 minute dips, I fluffed and ruffled and air dried each napkin for about 10 minutes until all the green colour oxidized to blue.
Each napkin takes at least half an hour of dipping and a total of at least an hour of 10 minute mini-oxidizing sessions. It ended up being close to 2 hours per napkin. Crazy amount of time, but well worth it! 65E780FB-AA07-4B9A-A8C0-E74B96F516C3.jpeg