The print workshop in Puerto Vallarta is usually very crowded so I rented

a small studio for 10 days. What a treat!
I finished a couple of proofs but no editions were finished, but it’s always a good learning experience.
Mokulito drawing on birch plywood. Litho ink drawing. Covered with arabica and rested 24 hours. Cold water rinse. Vanson inks, quick, heavily rolled, sponge rollers over a wet board. Printed on water spritzed paper.
Finished print with Chine Collé fruit, pre-pasted with nori rice glue.
My next effort was a drawing in carborundum of stones… overlay over acrylic painted chine collé rice paper, glued with nori paste. Vanson inks. Water spritzed paper.

The last effort was a chine collé bird above a carborundum foreground. Regular oil etching inks.