I wish that the picture could tell the whole story, but this is made with an indigo printed cotton, a Japanese silk fabric, an Indian Dupioni silk, a linen/silk blend and a deep grey linen backing.  I made two, but I’m keeping one.  The first one was made for a fisherman friend of ours. I liked it so much that I had to make another.  It feels absolutely amazing.image

Thankfully (or not) I’m almost finished with my duvet-making streak. I’m running out of time. And family members.
This following one is my first attempt at free-motion quilting. It’s for a trip that we have planned….my husband plans on attaching a tiny marker on places we’ve visited. It looks better in real time, but here is the link, if you have the urge to buy the map fabric. Www.spoonflower.com

The fabric quality and details are excellent and I personally think the $18 is a steal! (FYI…I’m not affiliated with them.). I may even get a drawing printed up by them.  Next year!