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This is the second time ’round for me and leg warmers…This is a very simple and warm alternative to the $35 merino leg warmers that I bought a while back. Salvation Army and I got together and made these from a man’s X-large gray merino wool sweater.
This is a sample-if I’d known that they would work so well, I would have been more accurate in the cutting and measuring.
I machine washed the sweater in hot, hot soapy water. I dried it in a dryer, and then cut the sleeves off. The sweater is now felted and ready to cut without unraveling. I snipped circular “heel” holes about 2 inches up from the sweater cuff edge.Heel circle snipped out of sleeves
Rolled down top edge of warmer.
My heel fits perfectly through the snipped hole and keeps the leg warmer snuggly tucked into my boots.