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Another process to get all in a tizzy about is mixed-media.

First one completed

In Mexico, I do not have access to all of my paints, canvases, brushes or whatever, but I still have the time and the incentive to create some work. After reading http://www.clothpaperscissors.com/, I’ve chosen to try a few of their suggestions regarding journals.
I bought a hardcover secondhand book to read, with intentions of “messing about” with it after reading it.
I went to the local art store for some minimal supplies:
acrylic medium
a brush, a few paints, gold leaf, a fine point pen and a handful of pencil crayons
I covered the blank page with gesso, leaving a few words uncovered for inspiration.
I added bits of photos, lotteria cards, transfers, and other images which I glued to the page with acrylic medium.
It’s definitely a super fun way to keep your memories all in one book, all secured by acrylic medium, and all in sequence. Nice!
Here’s one on canvas:

Amaranta's Birthday Party

The process is explained a bit more in detail here:https://in2soap.wordpress.com/mixed-media-stuff/


postcard 2

newest mixed media-encaustic paintings Apr '11