Holy smokes, batman! Washing, rinsing, drying, shaking, fluffing, teasing and I still have “particles” in the alpaca fleece. And it’s no where near the spinning wheel.
If I wanted to guess when this lovely process will be finished, it could be another month. I had NO idea how much work it was to clean two beautiful bags of soft, but oh… so… dirty alpaca fleece. Next spring, I’m going to find out if those two lovelies can be brushed before I get their fiber.
I have visions of alpaca poop particles zipping through my house ducting and I’m not so happy with that vision. It’s too cold outside to clean this loverly fiber, so I’ve been trying to do it in the kitchen sink, and drying it over the heat register in the laundry room. Ewww. Not so sure about all this. Now I know why people send their fleece to a mill to have it cleaned.
Anyhow, I’m still at it: between Christmas, visitors, work, the cold weather, other hobbies (as one can see)and an ill friend, I am determined to get through these bags of straw-laden alpaca treasure.

Hours of cleaning and more to go...