A week ago, I scouted out the local knitting group at Gallery Vertigo. I came home with a new hobby and another friend, Glenda. Well! Glenda has another friend who owns two Alpacas.

These two cuties were “rescues”, since one has odd little feet and the other was semi-blind (ie not good breeding animals). Anyhow, last spring they were sheared and Glenda’s friend offered to trade us a couple of bags of the fiber for a few skeins of spun fiber.
Easy Peasy. Woo Hoo. Oh yes, we were on it.
Poof! Yesterday, Liz and I visited our newest fiber-mad acquaintance, Laverne, who graciously guided us through his magical half-acre property, with creeks and silky chickens running about, and finally to his two gorgeous Alpacas. It’s like mini-utopia.
How to make a story short? After Laverne’s gifts of tea served with his homemade honey and thyme truffles, Liz and I exited with TWO BAGS FULL of soft (straw-laden) fibre.
Oh, we are in heaven.
After dyeing some of Liz’s homespun wool in koolaid, I drove home and dove into my own bit of our new fiber treasure.
By 8 pm I have two small heaps of soft… soft…. soft clean and carded alpaca sitting on my counter. Keep in mind we are beginners, so any recommendations about spinning, carding and cleaning fibers are welcome.

First attempt at Alpaca

( my very own spinning wheel will hopefully arrive SOON!)
Liz emails me to say she has washed an entire tubful of alpaca and has it sitting on her mesh drying rack. Didn’t I just leave her place?
I bet Liz already has some spun on her purring Ashford spinning wheel this morning.
I just know it.