I’ve been experimenting with one more crafty idea using sheets of acrylic. I had sheets of 1/8″ acrylic cut into 6″ x 1 1/2″ strips and smaller pendant size rectangles to 1″x1 1/2″. Click on the photos to view more instructions.

1. Cut and file plexi-glass piece. Remove backing.
2. Place the clear band into a simmering dye bath with 1/2 box of dye dissolved in 1 cup water. Tintex works the best. Dylon does not work. Rit is so-so. Simmer for 10-15 minutes.
Use a glass or stainless steel heat resistant pan, not aluminum. Check for desired hue after 10 minutes.
3. Bake the dyed strip on parchment paper for 11 minutes@250 in a regular oven.
4. Wear soft cotton gloves to touch the HOT baked band.
5. The hot baked band is hand bent into a cuff bracelet shape and cooled. Wrap the band around something round…rolling pin, jar etc.