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Value Village spoon cache

Value Village spoon cache

  • So, I’m quasi-retired. I’ll admit it. I miss teaching. I asked the new art teacher (my amazingly positive and sweet replacement, Liz) if I could do a jewelry workshop for some of her kids. Needless to say, she snapped up the offer. So I went to “work” today, and prepped a small demo for 5 kids. And they were awesome! Keen, motivated and skilled. Here is a small step-by-step demo of making a ring from an old silver or silver-plated spoon.

  • Cut the bowl off

    Cut the bowl off

    Pick a silver or silver-plated spoon that has an interesting handle design. Use a hacksaw or jeweler’s saw to cut the bowl off of the handle. Cut slowly-use light pressure. Save the bowl for another project.

  • Bend the handle

    Bend the handle

    Using your finger, bend the handle around a mandrel or large metal rod. If the silver is too hard, it may need to be annealed (softened) by heating the metal with a propane (BQ) torch until the silver glows.

  • Rubber hammer

    Rubber hammer

    If one cannot bend the ring with one’s fingers, use a rubber or leather mallet. If the narrow end of the ring is rough, it should be filed very smooth.

  • It's now a ring

    It's now a ring

    Check to make sure the ring fits the finger.

  • Expanded ring

    Expanded ring

    If the ring is snug, the ring can be pried open a bit to make a larger size.

  • Polish


    Polish the ring with a buffing cloth, silver polish, or a buffing wheel. It’s that easy.